February Newsletter

Attention All Management Personnel,

We have updated information on the following pages of the ITMC website, please take a moment to familiarize yourselves with any changes or updated content:

MARKETING APPROVAL: all marketing materials are to be pre-approved by the Division prior to public display - https://www.itmec.org/submit-marketing-materials

EXCISE TAX: please complete no less than once per month – https://www.itmec.org/submit-taxes-and-transaction-r

PRODUCT TRANSFER: Marijuana, marijuana extracts, and marijuana infused products being transferred (not sold) from a Tribal facility to any other facility - https://www.itmec.org/product-transfer-request-form

RETESTING REQUEST: Request the retesting of a marijuana flower sample, extract sample, or marijuana infused product sample - https://www.itmec.org/request-retesting

R & D REQUEST: Request the approval for Research and Development of a marijuana product - https://www.itmec.org/request-for-r-d

All the forms listed above are mandatory forms used in the normal course of business. Please contact the Division immediately if you have trouble completing or submitting any of the forms listed above. Thank you for your cooperation.

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