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Public Health and Safety Bulletin 2022-1

The Inter-Tribal Cannabis Compliance Commission (ITCC) is hereby issuing Public Health and Safety Bulletin 2022-01 on February 4, 2022, advising consumers and patients to avoid or take caution when consuming the cannabis product which is the subject of this notice.

The ITCC has determined that the allowable pesticide threshold testing results initially reported by the independent cannabis testing laboratory Certified AgLab (license #78632929087498904015), and subsequently from additional internal testing, reflect the fact that the pesticide concentrations in this product varies considerably from sample to sample. 


The non-heterogeneous concentrations of PBO range over a factor of 100X.  Therefore, some samples that may be labeled as being below the state’s allowable threshold (passing) may actually exceed the threshold (fail) due to the high variable nature of this product.

Cultivation Facility YPT (31LY0QX8XRD6F7ZFHB1H)

     Sticky Sundae      Batch #0510

     Gelato Batch        Batch #0520

There is no reason at this time to believe that the testing facility, sales facilities, or the cultivation facility had any knowledge that the pesticide threshold testing result may be different from the initial testing.

The ITCC is advising consumers who have purchased the affected cannabis product to avoid or take caution when consuming the product.


It is believed the affected cannabis product was sold between January 18,2022 and February 3, 2022, by the following Cannabis Sales Facilities:

1. Pesha’ Numma Dispensary, 605 W. Bridge Street, Yerington, NV.

 (license # ZZX87320DS54KS1209CC)


All cannabis and cannabis products properly sold by a licensed sales facility or dispensary should have a product label on the packaging. The production run number can be found on the label, typically near the top, directly below the facility information. The involved sales facilities should display this bulletin in a conspicuous location on their premises for 30 days, to ensure their customers are aware of this information. There are no known reports of illness. An investigation into the inaccurate results and reporting is ongoing and may result in additional public health and safety bulletins.

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